Beating the Odds Together- Triumph Over Cancer

In the past four months, life as I know it has completely changed. Whereas last Spring my happy little mind was focused on new nieces and nephews, a big old wedding and the prospect of growing our own little family, it is now focused on much simpler things. Surviving.  Taking these crazy curveballs that come our way and actually making something of them that matters. Something that changes things.

My nephew was born today. He is the most divine, incredible little 7 pounds and 13 ounces on this side of heaven, and tonight he lies in the NICU awaiting surgery that will allow him to survive. A surgery that will take all those grand plans we had for him months ago, before his prenatal diagnosis, and make them a reality. At only twelve hours old, he has already exceeded all our expectations and has proven to us that he, just like his parents, is a fighter and that he will do whatever it takes to get his chance to make a mark on this world.

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5 Meals from 5 Chicken Breasts

A few weeks back, a post came across my newsfeed from Money Saving Mom about how to make 5 family meals using only 5 chicken breasts. Always up for a challenge, I contacted the author, JessieLeigh of Parenting Miracles  and asked if she would mind me giving a go at creating my own 5 meals. Ever so gracious, she not only agreed but provided me a link with yet another 5 recipes she created with 5 chicken breasts specifically for summer {go and check it out here!}. Who knew you could create so much goodness with under $20 of chicken?

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Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Chicken Parmesan Casserole is, by far, not an original recipe. A simple Pinterest search will bring up tens, if not hundreds, of different ways to make this simple dish. The only difference between this recipe and those is that the recipe below requires just one chicken breast. In fact, you could even use some leftover grilled or roasted chicken and it’ll come out just the same. Either way you prepare it, whether using one breast or a few, this is a super yummy, ridiculously easy way to get dinner on the table without much effort. Making this with 1 chicken breast and a side salad fed 4 comfortably, so depending on your family size you may want to double this recipe or make a more substantial side dish.

Chicken Parmesan Casserole (1)

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Barbecue Chicken Pizza


In case you don’t know this by now, we live in New York-more specifically, on Long Island. Starting in Brooklyn and ending in the Hamptons, this 118 mile span is about as diverse as it can get except for one {small} feature.

There is always a pizza place within a mile or so of wherever you are. In fact, I’m pretty sure I can walk to at least 5 or 6 just from my house. We aren’t talking your chain, factory-made pizza joints, either, but rather the mom & pops that are in constant competition to come up with the newest, most delicious slice of heaven you’ve tasted yet.

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Mexican 7 Layer Pie

When I first started dating my fiance, the chef in me was ecstatic. I mean, I’ve got all my Italian dishes on lock, so marrying someone with way too many vowels in his name should be a breeze, right?


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My 2015 Reading List: May Update & Reviews

Despite all the parties, wedding planning, travel and business endeavors that May held, this month offered a surprising amount of opportunities for me to hide away with a book, and boy did I take advantage of it! 4 of the 5 titles I read were incredible and they got me excited to continue on with my 52 Book Challenge. If nothing else, I’m excited to get through them so that I can pick up that new Primates of Park Avenue  book- please tell me I’m not the only one intrigued to read it?

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Free Shaklee Membership!

Free Shaklee Membership

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you know one of my biggest passions is keeping my family healthy and reducing the toxins in our environment. One of the ways in which I’ve done this is to partner with Shaklee {you can read why here}, a company which has literally changed the course of my family’s life.

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Goal Setting Tips & Printable

One of my favorite coworkers from my days in Mental Health once told me that she often, when asked what she does for a living, simply states, “I manage lives.” Any of you in the mental health field, I’m sure, can relate. We are trained for years on end to search for problems and help our clients find the solution.

Enter the service/case management/treatment/call-it-what-you-want-it-because-it’s-all-the-same plan.

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